redstone porsche service repair shop

Redstone Services

Complete road & track car fabrication, service repair, and restoration, specializing in Porsche

  • Porsche Service

    Premier service option for all Porsche models. Basic oil changes to service intervals, or major overhauls. Engine, suspension, and electronics work is a premium alternative to the dealership.

  • Porsche Repair

    No matter what is wrong with your Porsche, leave it to us, we can take care of it.

  • Restoration

    We offer complete restoration services. From a complete re-body to the correct stickers on the engine bay, we can take care of your classic. Our master technicians can get your car “concours” worthy.

  • Performance Upgrades

    Anything you can think of, we can make it happen. From minor upgrades to specially developed parts, we can help you get the most out of your car.

  • Custom Performance Parts

    Redstone can design, engineer and fabricate performance parts of all kinds for any car, any year or any model. Street cars or track cars, no matter the application, we can get it manufactured

  • Engine Builds

    Mild to Wild, we offer stock and standard rebuilds to ensure the reliability of your vehicle. If your looking to improve response and power, Redstone can modify your existing engine to any spec we recommend or you suggest. We also provide complete custom engine builds from scratch.

  • Fabrication

    We specialize in complete Porsche road & track car fabrication. This includes everything from repairs and the production of custom parts to the development of an entire car.

  • Machining

    Redstone in house machine shop can fabricate prototypes or reproduce original components.

  • Coachwork

    If you want custom work performed to the body of your car, Redstone is the right place, our technicians are true artists that can form sheet metal with ease and weld like it is magic. Let us make your ideas come to life.

  • Chassis Building

    We can engineer and design a bespoke chassis from scratch or fabricate one from an existing drawing.

  • Race Preparation

    With experience on the most important racing series in the world. Our team can cover all aspects of race preparation to make sure your car is up to the task.

  • Track Support

    Hire us and the only thing you will need to do is drive your car and have fun. Our experienced team, that include an ex-Indycar crew chief and McLaren F1 team mechanic, will make sure you worry less and drive more.